Stucked in China

Last night I had a really strange dream. I was in China, for what reason what so ever. With a woman who was my friend, although she was no one I remember in real life. With us was an old chinese woman, for what reason what so ever. We started robbing a jeweler in a real stupid way. We entered the shop, who was closed but unlocked. Grabbed some of the stuff lying on racks and finally dropped some odd jars, which while touching the ground activated the alarm. The chinese woman, who was way older than us, disappeared in an instant through the door. My friend and I hid under the counter as a police car stopped in front of the shop. Two chinese policemen stepped out of the car and entered a nearby coffeeshop. We sneaked out of the shop and seperated our ways. I headed for the german embassy to get out of China but there were no flights available. The rest of the dream I waited in an horrible fear of getting snatched and landing in a chinese courtyard.
What makes this dream strange is
  1. I´ve never been to China
  2. Are there coffeeshops in China
  3. Can I use Freud´s Interpretation of dreams although there are no snakes, trains and tunnels in it

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