Knut! Seriousliy?

I can’t help it, but it upsets me although it shouldn’t. Part of German media is making a big fuss about Knut. A polar bear in Berliner Tiergarten who died at the age of 4 in public as he collapsed in his enclosure and fatally drowned, I guess.
I understand that people who whitnessed this accident are shocked about seeing such a fatalistic scene. And those who were fan of him (he was very well used as mascot and franchised equiment to make good money for the zoo) are sad about this bitter end.
I don’t understand those who now pilgering to the enclosure, mourning and in grief, sheding tears, dropping of flowers and croissants (his favorit goody) and lighting candles. Do they know what’s going on in Japan this very minutes. I think this kind of behaviour is an overreaction, showing how small-minded and cold-hearted people can be.
I don’t understand that the director in charge has to explain against the medias that it was not possible to help the polar bear, because he couldn’t possibly put any of his employees in the danger of entering a polar bear enclosure and pull the bear out of the water. Does this really need to be explained to someone? Obviously so… 
I love animals. I have two dogs I really love, who are very importent to my family and me. But in such cases I think there has to be a line. This behaviour appears ridiculous to me. Especially regarding the cruelty of caged animals in zoos.

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