Speak up

Why is it that most hollywood actors and actresses don’t speak a second language altough the film market as well as the audience is international and they have contacts and press appearances all over the world. Of course English is a language spoken in almost every corner of this planet. But those are high profiled people with huge success, making big money, travelling and working all over the world. Shouldn’t they be a little more open minded and sophisticated.
Seeing clips from the film festivals in Cannes or Venice european actresses like Penelope Cruz or Catherine Deneuve giving interviews to the press in English, French and Spanish, fluently. Go and look for an american actor like George Clooney or Harrison Ford… Although I have to admit for their apology that the european public is so easy to please. They appear on stage and welcome the audience in their language and the crowd is already cheering, the day after the scene is shown on every celeb-news-clip-show. Or even better, for the case an american actor has a stop-over in Germany, he just have to pronounce the words Bier or Bratwurst you are going to read in the tabloids “OMG he speaks German!”
But what really strikes me is that american actors/actresses who are acltually capable of speaking more than one language, refuse this in public. Like Bruce Willis or Sandra Bullock, who both grew up in Germany and have German decends. Why? Are they too shy? Do they have such a great fear to failure? Such a huge standard to perfection? Is it forbidden by the managment? That’s too bad, because in my opinion, I think it’s great beeing capable to speak in more than one language and even if it is not perfect, it’s very charming.

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