The old Beauty Question

Honestly can’t understand people (mostly women, but I don’t want to push it…) are using botox to get an even face. I don’t mean persons in tabloids like celebs, stars and others. I mean oridnary people. People you meet in your everday life. Who work with you, attending the same parties, doing their grocery shopping in the same store as you do, people who you are friend with, such people. What is this about? Seriously. The most examples I know look awful. At best like death masks (which do in some cases have an aesthetic feature) at worst like they had suffering a stroke. No wrinkles, I have to admit that, but c’mon… Getting a neurotoxin injected under your facial skin to suffer a minor facioplegia (I hope that’s the correct expression for it, I trust in Leo).

Also reminds me of the idea, that youth isn’t just something with no wrinkles. It’s a little bit more – or less, just like you want to put it. Or do all these botoxed guys looking for their inner child? If you are 18, you are 18. If you are 45 you have been 18 before – but you are 45 now and you are getting older every year. And most people I know want to get old. Old by the meaning of a long life. In that case the proper answer of  that botox people is, yes, I want to get old, but I don’t wanna look old. But they do anyway and sometimes even absurd. Especially when they admit the use of botox, but giving you migraine treatments as explanation for it. (I know, I know, migraine is a serious illness and I know numbers of women who are suffering from it, but none of them are treating it with botox.) That is so lame.

What is so ugly about an old face? I mean the most of us aren’t Hollywood Celebs who need to get that role of the 29 year old single mother, human right lawyer, environmental activist, slow food devotee and most wonderful neighbour in town to play at almost 50, to get the best credit afterwards when tabloids heading “How is she doing this!” Maybe in that case you are forced to put a good portion of botox in your face as a kind of further training-on-the-job. Or career investment. Although I heard somewhere that even in Hollywood they get the news that it is hard to act (act in the meaning of showing facial expression) with such a wrinkle free mask.

Writing this I searched the web for some hard numbers on the use of botox in Europe for giving this statement a little scientific touch. But I couldn’t find something reliable. Besides some sites about the medical use there are a lot of articles and blogs where either they try to convince you that botox is absolutly harmless, with no side-effects and you should come and get one right away, or making fun about people (most of them celebs) using it with lots of before and after pictures.


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