Heimlich Maneuver means what?

Why do so many people choke in american movies and have to be saved by using the Heimlich Maneuver? Is this a kind of running gag I don’t get or a long-term agreement between the american health department and the film industry?

I’ve been to a lot of restaurants in different countries, but in non a person was choking, at least not that hard that you have to think he or she would suffocate. The rare cases where people choked in my presence or I was the one who didn’t swallowed properly, a light dorsal tapping helped.

Is it because american people gorging their food? They probably taking bites that are too big and don’t chew properly.

Are their saviors overreacting? I suspect that even in the United States the numbers of people who die from swallowing their food isn’t very much higher than in other places.

Is it a metapher? In many movie this sequence is used to making first body contact among two people who, in the ongoing of the story, turn into lovers.

Is is just a filler to get a boring restaurant scene interrupted properly?


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