I want to be a scientist

It must be really funny beeing a physics scientist. At least beeing one of those who are engaged in Astronomie, the outer space and stuff like that. I personally know only that kind of physicists that don’t work their special field, that means those who work as programmers in computer companies. But they don’t seem to have that much fun.

But every time I read articles like Jagd auf Elementarteilchen or Schwarzes Loch frisst Gaswolke I can’t help but picturing some guys giggeling and having fun like some childish school girls and they go:

Hey, let’s say we are looking for something really small like an elementary particle named higgs, that no one ever heard of before, but since we simulated the big bang in our particle accelerator in Genève we think it must be there somewhere. So the others if they are real scientists first have to proof that it is not there. But for now let’s say we are probably finding it next year or so.

Or in case of the black hole issue I picture some guys viewing the sky with their VLT (very large telescope) getting really excited waiting for a gaz cloud reaching the black hole they are observing and be “elongated and stretched like spaghetti and falling into the black hole”. Probably in 2013.

That’s having a cool job. No one apart from yourself and some colleagues understand what you are doing or even saying, so no one can seriously criticize you. And those criticizing are the ones who are in academical dispute with you, so they are probably in the same field working, but have another opinion on the issue and for thus need you just as much as you need them. Kind of genius.

I was a lame duck at school in natural science like physics and chemistry and now I’m jealous.


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