It’s a naked dog with hair…

Seeing the picture of a hairless dog on travelspirit333 she had taken on one of her trips in Peru reminded me of a nice chat I had with a car sales woman. Being the owner of two crossbreed dogs I’m not very good when it comes to name the breeds of other dogs. So when I guess at other people’s dog I am often wrong and be revised with words like “no, it’s not a Collie it’s an Australian Shepard… it’s not a Husky it’s an Malamut…it’s not a Jacky it’s a Foxterrier…no it’s not a Poodle it’s a Scandinavian Waterdog…”. But the best version of this game come from that sales woman when I asked her what kind of breed her dog was, a white, fluffy energy ball bouncing at our feet. “It’s a naked dog with hair”. As she saw my puzzled face she explained that a breed called Chinese Crested Dog comes with no fur except for a nice hairdo on his head and a brush on his tail. Like this:

pic from Wikipedia

As one side-effect in breeding such a marvellous dog there is the possibility that in every litter there is at least one puppy fully coated – and that is the naked dog with hair. Like this:

pic from Wikipedia


2 thoughts on “It’s a naked dog with hair…

  1. Hi,
    I also can get breeds mixed up. I think these days with so many dogs that have 2 different breeds in them it is easily done. 🙂
    Thank You for visiting my blog.

    • Hi mags, thanks for your comment.
      I’m always wondering how many breeds are out there. Before I owned my first dog most other dogs appeared to me as german shepard or labradors, but now I know better…

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