Fashion Advice No. 2

I stumbled over this image on the web today

Pic from esprit

and I hope for the sake of this model that it is a Photoshop disaster caused by an overeager post-editor.

So my fashion advice No. 2 would be, if you are up for a new rain jacket don’t try to look like the advertising models, you won’t anyway no matter how hard you try. Better keep your eye on the waterproof abilities of the jacket. That will come in handy when you are wearing it out there on rainy days – in the real world. Unless you believe being thin as a pin conserve you from getting wet in the rain…


2 thoughts on “Fashion Advice No. 2

  1. Hi,
    That really is an awful photo, she looks out of shape in the sense her head does not look like it belongs to the body, something is definitely wrong with the photo.

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