Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Finally I have the time to thank dutchgoesitalian properly for nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. There are many reasons for me to follow her but besides her fresh and vivid way of blogging there are two main motives

  • I really like Italy and I can follow her there without speaking Italian
  • the fact that we are almost in the same region, technically I just have to wave over a mountain range to say hello

You can have a peak on my blogroll to see blogs that are inspiring me, they are just a few until now, but I’m sure it will grow. I only want to name three for special reasons:

  • 50yearsproject is a must because it is the reason I got nominated. I read on his blog about Jakesprinter Sunday Post challenges and liked the idea so much that I participated with the photo light. Besides that I liked the idea of the challenges of visiting 192 countries, reading 1001 books and watching the top 100 movies. That’s a great idea to write about.
  • PaltryMeanderings is the first blog I followed although I’m smaller than the average woman (160 cm). The writing reminds me of american humour as it exist and as I got introduced to by my neighbour living upstairs with us for almost a year on the north shore of Boston.
  • Bringingyoubeirut  brings me stories and pictures of a region I have never been before and therefore nurturing curiosity for the unknown.

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