About… being a Terrier

From time to time I take my dogs on the boardwalk of river Rhône. I really enjoy walking along a water front no matter whether it is by a lake, a river or the ocean. At this special place from time to time I meet a bagpipe-player practicing while walking along the opposite riverbank. Maybe he practicing to march while playing (which I think is something pretty difficult) or maybe his neighbours asked him to take his practicing outside, I don’t know.

Yesterday on our evening walk we met him again and this time we shared the same side of the river. Being on the opposite side my dogs hadn’t react to his instrument playing, I think it was just too far away and nothing more than a background noise to them – and I have to admit, it sounded better from the distance. But now he walked a couple of meters behind us intoning several songs from which I only recognized Amazing Grace and this typical bagpipe song, Scotland the Brave.

My greek stray dog made a really kind of pissed-off-face about this guy following us, he looked like he wished for an extra pair of hands to cover his ears. But my Jacky was totally obsessed by this guy – or better to say the bagpipe. When I managed it to put a distance between us, she refused to go farther and waited until he catched up, then started to walk on again, not sooner. The player was probably thinking he had a huge fan. She, for sure, looked too adorable how she waited with her little tight body, her ears positioned and her little pig-tail raised-up. I’m sorry I didn’t have my camera with me. But I have to say that most people getting these cute little dogs wrong. I’m pretty sure what she really thought was, let’s get this animal out of the bag and kill it. Because that what she likes to do.

She likes to dig out mice, to go into fox holes and once, to my very own horror, she chased a wild boar out of the brush. Besides that she loves to destroy things just for the pleasure of breaking something. If I need to get a cardboard to be put apart to fit into the recycling bin, I give it to her. I remember we were first time at my sister’s house with her. My sister wanted to give a stuffed teddy-bear to her, no children’s toy but the kind of collector’s thing. I said don’t do that, you will regret it. She waved, no problem if she damages it, we can repair it. But I persuaded her that the bear wouldn’t be damaged but destroyed…

That’s her, the little oger princess.

Can she do any harm?

starring contest

Come out you coward of a mouse or I’ll come for you.

You’ve asked for it.


4 thoughts on “About… being a Terrier

  1. To imagine what would have happened if you didn’t have your little princess on the leash. She would have catapulted herself into the bagpipe, right? Hehehe, lovely story. And I adore the staring competition photo with Kermit.

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