About… Brands

Funny namings of household supplies I found at the drugstore.

Blink is a brand offers detergents for different uses. This dish liquid attracted me through his eye-catching colour. You know that turquoise is one of this years summer in-colour.

“Blink” means as much as twinkle

I guess “Potz” is untranslatable. Some give the information that it is an old curse people used who didn’t want to insult the name of god. It was also used to show astonishment but I don’t know anybody using it today. It is very antiquated.

“Potz” like in “Potz Blitz” also rhymes with “Räuber Hotzenplotz

And my very favourite “Anti-Brumm” recommended by the swiss tropic institute. A perfect naming that says everything.

“anti-brumm” can be translated as “anti-buzzing”.


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