Le bisse du Trient

Yesterday was a holiday in Switzerland (Corpus Christi) and we used the day off for a walk along another valaisan bisse, le bisse du Trient. Bisse or Suonen, as they are called in German, are watering systems along the mountains in Valais. They are easy to walk because they are even and thus pretty comfortable in a region where most of the hiking means upwards/downwards climbing which can be very exhausting. So the bisses are a good choice for less athletic people or when you are accompanied by younger children who want to experience the great environment of the Alps.

Le bisse du Trient starts at Col de la Forclaz a few kilometers drive upwards from Martigny.

From there you can walk a good hour to Chalet du glacier, a cabane which offers food and beverage to oncoming hikers, and have a magnificent view of the Glacier du Trient.

Chalet du glacier is not a typical swiss cabane made of wood and in local style. That is because it was destroyed in 1978 by an avalanche and rebuilt in an avalanche steady manner.

Some impressions of our holiday walk.


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