Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

From time to time after practicing yoga I rest on my back stretched out in the middle of the room and (try) to meditate a little bit. Normally I do this in a sitting position because it is easier for me so. It occurred a few times while I was lying on my back, eyes closed, calmly breathing, that my greek stray dog came in. I hear his paws tapping on the floor and how he stops at the side of my head. When I open my eyes then he stand above my head looking at me with a very worried face. It makes me burst out in laughs and he starts happy waggling every time. So much for the meditating.

Mean dog owner as I am, I tricked him to get a pic of his face looking down on me. So I placed myself on my back and the camera on my chest, eyes closed. I didn’t have to wait long. He came in as usual and stopped beside me. I open my eyes, lifted the camera and got my pic. It’s not in the best performance but isn’t that a worried dog…

Look here for more entries on close.


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