Culture of Valais IV

Today I add a post to my culture of Valais series that shows a special tradition not only of Valais but cross-country. The tradition of Alphorn music can be found all over Switzerland, and Austria as well.

Pic from

The instrument is a national symbol to both countries which results out of their alpine heritage. Besides its use in traditional alpine music there are a few temporary artist playing jazz, classical and modern style music on the Alphorn, like Eliana Burki. On her website you can find very impressive examples of her music, showing the range of the instrument and the artist as well.

Every year in July the international Alphorn competitions are part of a festival hosted in Nendaz, which is a village in Valais and therefore I’m back on the track to make this a culture of Valais post. This is a nice video of the festival I found on the Nendaz website. I’m not quite sure but I think it is based on a BBC documentary. Sorry, I didn’t have the time to look for more information. But it has english titles, so, have a look and enjoy.


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