Culture of Valais V

I’m really late for this weeks Jakesprinter’s SUNDAY POST and I’m going to use it to kill two birds with one stone. Jake’s challenge asks for villages so I introduce to you a valaisan village called Leuk.

It is a quiet little hamlet like you can find many of them in Valais that proves that culture and art are not only to find in big, vibrate urban places. Leuk has a castle and therefore a foundation.

Vallée du Rhône viewed from Schloss Leuk

The foundation won over architect Mario Botta, who designed many fabulous places like Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco or cathedral of Évry in France (just to name two) to refurbish the building and he placed a glass dome on top of the tower.

According to the foundation Schloss Leuk should become a place of communication and encounter, of open mind, Interdisziplinarität (couldn’t find a proper translation to that, sorry) and humanistic spirituality. They are also host a literary award that is yearly granted.

And as a goody for all  fans of Lord of the Rings there is a Mittelerdefest taking place in July.


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