Val d’Hérens

Another valley  we’ve visited during our mini-break was Val d’Hérens which is like having a home play because it is the tributary (hope I use this verb in the right manner, as many times I depend on leo) valley of Sion. So we have been there several times but it is such a great place and so many things to discover there. It is in fact a goody you have living in a touristic area, you can go and visit all those landmarks as often as you like.

This time we headed straight through Val d’Hérens to Arolla. We’ve passed the pyramids of Euseigne…

Pyramides d’Euseignes in a snapshot, no time to stop for.

which are a leftover of the former Glacier d’Hérens. This Glacier covered the whole valley before he moved back after the last ice age, more than 10 000 years ago. After the scary tunnel…

Go for the light at the end.

and a drive through the villages Evolène and Les Haudères we got closer to Arolla and stopped at La Gouille to go on a hike to beautiful Lac Bleu.

La Gouille

I don’t want to whine again (just have to), but it was exhausting and I can tell you, if it wasn’t in this great environment and having the promise to find a just as lovely place at the end, I would have killed my husband for doing this to me. Of course I’m kidding – he is adorable and I just would have said no.

A scenery you expect a hobbit to come round the corner every minute. After that a very steep part came, I wasn’t able to take any pictures, sorry. The walking length given on the signpost at the parking lot was 40 min. to Lac Bleu. After a little more than one hour – I needed breaks to admire the view – we arrived at the spot. It is gorgeous.

Besides the other tourists you have to share this place with them…

because the lake lies in one of their summer meadows. But they are very patient with tourists and – like in our case – their dogs. No need to say that they have to be on a leash – the dogs, I mean. These are the typical valaisanne cows I’ve already wrote about in my post about traditional cow fight. They are originated from Val d’Hérens and therefore the breed is called Cow d’Hérens. I like them.

Looks like “el toro” but is “la reine”.

It was a nice tour, even for a whiny person like me it is worth the effort and as you already might guess, I exaggerated. As long as you have an appropriate pair of hiking shoes it is good to manage.

This peak might be Mont Collon with Glacier Arolla, I’m not quite sure.


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