I’m a season’s person when it comes to food. I totally like seasonal food. I know nowadays it is no problem at all to get good strawberries for your dessert at christmas dinner, fruits and vegetable is flew in from all over the world to every time. But I like to buy those things from local providers – if possible. To me this is more important than a stamped on organic label, which in my eyes is getting a farce even more each time.

Anyway, I love the anticipation of white asparagus and strawberries in May, blueberries in June, pumpkins late August. Not to forget the tomatoes, courgettes, aubergines and cabbage. And that brings me to Jake‘s this week challenge Autumn. I bought them two days ago, they are the first and I placed them among some juicy apples.

Sweet chestnuts! I’m looking forward to them every year, they definitely open autumn season. We roast them in the oven and have them after dinner as, well, after dinner snack, you know.


21 thoughts on “Autumn

  1. Lovely shots — I love that you thought of chestnuts as well as apples for autumn. There’s a chestnut tree near where I live…I just noticed the chestnuts on the ground when I was out for a walk the other day. My husband and I went and picked them up off the ground one year and tried to roast them, but they didn’t taste good…probably because they were on the ground for a while…LOL Now we buy them at the store…I love chestnut stuffing at Thanksgiving…

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