Recap of my blogging year

Usually I’m not that kind of person doing personal recaps or lists or resolutions… but I’m feeling kind of not me today. And maybe… not for sure… but could be… those maya-calendar-interpreting-guys are right. In that case this is the best time to turn and take a look at the past, because there will not be much of a future…


  • I wanted to post as often as possible but without a daily, weekly or whatever routine. Just when I felt like.
  • Didn’t want to get too personal – think I got that.
  • I wanted to blog about fashion – missed that somehow.
  • Tried to keep my dogs out of my blog, because this is not a pet blog, it is not about them, it’s about me – halfway, because it is just so tempting putting them into a post to get likes and comments.
  • Tried to be funny – that’s tough in a second language, but on the other hand if my writing is too faulty I still can pretend that’s the fun part of my blog.
  • Tried to give a glance of social, political and cultural issues I care about – could have done better.

So, what’s coming next. I don’t know, I just let if flow.


6 thoughts on “Recap of my blogging year

    • Alors, les belges ont simplifié les nombres francais. C’est tout ce que je sais à les belges francais. Ils disent septante, octante, nonante. Les suisses disent septante, huitante, nonante. 🙂

      Bonnes fêtes!

  1. Hi,
    You will be happy to know it is the 21st here in Oz, and even though it is early morning (6.30am) it seems we are all still here. 🙂
    Great song, I haven’t heard that in years, and I did enjoy it.

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