About… swearing

As I already mentioned, I like to swear. But I try to avoid it in public, because I have a classy personality. Yes I do. Others think so about me or how else do you want to interpret this t-shirt I got for christmas


There it says “classy Swabian”.

Well other parts of my family know about my habit and gave me something I could let it out.


You want to know what this is? It is a do-it-yourself-lamp-construction-kit.

Although I can paint I am not crafty at all. So this lamp (it took a while for me to understand that it is a lamp, first) was a real challenge. I don’t know how long it took – on some point I lost my sense of time – but I cursed it during the whole process of putting those 30 single parts together. When I needed a break from swearing I argued with the instruction that this will never going to be a lamp. But although I lack any ability of making nice things out of paper, nutshells or any other materials to be put on a spot so everybody can admire them and my sense of decoration, I am one thing for sure – I am totally stubborn. See, I own a dog who is in my opinion the mistress of stubbornness and I managed this dog (at least she let me think I am doing so). So, to cut a long story short. I managed this lamp. I did it with lots of swearing and my bullhead. It turned out to be a beautiful lamp. Gorgeous.


My husband got one of this construction kits too. I can’t wait to see him putting it together.

Last post of 2012 which means: HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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