Something new in my house

You could have catched the impression out of the pic I posted here that I have a special bond to making music. But I don’t. I can’t read music. I’ve never learned to play an instrument not even flute as a kid. I for sure cannot sing.

But now this is going to change. I’ve started to learn playing guitar. I am not going to start a new career. But I think I should at least try it, just because I never did so.

The picture in the post mentioned shows my beginners equipment. And of course I bought a guitar, too.


So far – after a couple of weeks practicing – I can say, I never thought it would be that hard. Coming up with the idea of learning an instrument my social environment proposed to learn the piano. My husband had the impression of me as a piano playing person. I had to decline because thirst, I didn’t want to spent that much money, and second, a piano seems to be an instrument that takes very long to learn to play appropriate. I thought a guitar is an easy to learn instrument, because, frankly, nearly everyone is playing guitar, so, how hard can it be. And now I’m getting punished.

The first two or three weeks my fingertips hurt that much, I could not practice more than 10 minutes at a stretch. Well, I already wrote it several times, I am a wuss. I had the assumption I belong to the small amount of people who cannot build hard skin on their fingertips. But now it is getting better although they still feel a little numb when I press them. I try to practice every day but I still hold a level that makes me thinking about switching to sitar playing… but I am sure if I have to make these sounds on purpose it wouldn’t work.

But I already love my guitar. Probably because it is an instrument you permanently hug while playing.


10 thoughts on “Something new in my house

  1. J’ai ma guitare ici… Je l’aime, mais mon petit ami ne me laisse pas jouer à ma guitare, pourtant je joue uniquement pour mon plaisir… Et oui, mes doigts furen mal au début…

  2. Wishing you all the luck. I play ( or, rather, played) the guitar and I know exactly what your fingers are going through. It’s the reason I barely play anymore, because when I pick the thing up, it ends up hurting like hell. The nice thing with guitar, however, is that you can move it around with you. Piano would be a bit difficult for that

  3. Good Luck dear, this is so beautiful… I miss to hear my son’s playing guitar. He is working in abroad. But I know it is great enjoyable time to start and to play… Love, nia

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