Jake is looking for any sort of arrangement in his sunday challenge.

In Valais – like in many alpine regions – you can find many sort of cairns along the paths. I was wondering about them and read on the internet that they were kind of landmarks in ancient times, used to mark ways and special places. Nowadays they lost this function in most cases but still very common. When we go hiking I often pile stones and pebbles myself during a halt, especially when we rest on the riverside. It is a nice way to pass the time. And when I see an already existing pile, I have the urge to put one more on top of the heap.

Last summer we discovered this place where obviously many people who went by started to pile stones. It looked like a magic place, full of cairns…


Cairns everywhere…


…even in the trees.



The biggest one of all.


17 thoughts on “Cairns

  1. Cairns always seem to be something I made up or from a dream. It is good to see them “for real” even if I saw them in Nepal draped with prayer flags. Thank you. Jake brings out the best in us.

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