I had to google first, to take on this challenge.

Jake’s Sunday Challenge is going to be a real challenge for me, this time. It is entitle “favorite anime” and my thirst upcoming  notion was, I have to skip that one.

I don’t have a special preference for animated movies. Although in the last years I really liked to watch the Shrek sequels and I love Tim Burton’s movies like Nightmare before Christmas and Corps Bride. But I guess that is not quite the subject Jake was into.

But getting info about animes I could link to the issue anyway.

As a kid I loved to watch tv series like Heidi, Wiki und die starken Männer, Sindbad or Biene Maja . And they all were animes from studios in Japan.

pic from tv-nostalgie.de


pic from serienoldies.de


pic from wall-art.de


pic from sueddeutsche.de

Which one was my favourite? I can’t tell anymore. But Biene Maja hit the screen again this year in a remodeled version, that caused trouble in public, because the illustrators made her more slim than she used to be.


pic from faz.net

Well, I like dumpling-maja more but I am not part of the target audience any more. So, just to have a nice ending on this retrospective, the intro (old version, of course).


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