Stuff I like

From time to time I like to knit something. I am not a knitting maniac and I am not very good at it. It is a bit strange, while I have kind of artistic bias, as I am not that bad at painting, sketching and such, I am totally shitty at crafts. But I learned to knit as a child and I like the idea of knitting itself.

There are a lot of knitting blogs out there showing great work of art and seeing a person sitting and knitting looks always very relaxing and kind of satisfying to me. So, from time to time I get a twitch that makes me buy some great yarn, then let me search for the needles I stored somewhere in my drawers and looking for something easy-going to create – which always turns out to be a muffler. They are easy to do and with the right fancy yarn you don’t even have to handle a lot of different balls of wool to get a nice pattern. Perfect for someone like me. Although I have to admit that I already created some shitty muffler that never have been used.

So, here is my last project and this one turned out to be nice, only… it took me more than one year to finish it. I started it last August. It was supposed to become a loop for last winter season…

Because it turned out so well and because I have some leftover yarn, I decided to do some matching gauntlets. So far I have this…


Guess when I’ll finish those. The guidance says they can be done in 5 hours. Well, not by me, that’s for sure.


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