Colmar, Haut-Rhin

As getting settled in our new home one of our duties is to get a french driving license. As we lived in Switzerland we had to turn in our german EU driving license to get the swiss one. That was an obligation. Now we are back in an EU country and here the validity of our swiss driving license is limited to one year. Within this term we can swap it into an EU license without exam. All we had to do is hand in forms (of course) and a pile of paper copies proving who we are, where we live now, since when, where we had lived before… the usual stuff. Because it wasn’t possible to file at the sous-préfecture nearby, we had to make a trip to the préfecture at Colmar, which is the capital of département Haut-Rhin. After our visit at the préfecture we still had time to take a first stroll around the historic center of Colmar.


3 thoughts on “Colmar, Haut-Rhin

  1. Looks like a beautiful city. It’s lucky you don’t have to take another driving test to get your swiss one. Here in Florida, we have to redo our test before we can get our driving licenses. We can drive on our South African ones, but the insurance is higher, so I guess we’ll have to bite the bullet before very long. 😦

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