WPC: Wall


Barrage Grande Dixence in Valais. According to wiki it is the third largest dam in the world. The locals like to inform non-natives, that if it ever collapse, whole Valais will be flooded up to Lac Léman. What a place to put up a hotel! It gives a bit the impression of the Overlook Hotel… but don’t worry it has only 72 rooms.



Stuff I like

It is definitely spring when the first one of these appearing on my lawn…


and every year I can’t help it, I have to grab my camera, taking pictures I have already taken the year before and before that and so on.

But I am not the only one who’s happy about all the blossoms…


even sage ogre princess seems to enjoy it.

And now she is waiting for easter bunny or the neighbours cat, whoever will come first… mwha ha ha!