About… the weather

After many hot and sunny days we had hard rain tonight. And in the morning I discovered that it had good and  not so good effects. Not so good were the slugs took over my backyard and even crawled up – or better slimed up – the living room window. Yuck!


A much nicer view waited for us on our morning walk in the freshened air, with the mountains covered in left over clouds that looked like cotton balls.




About… dinner dates

Probably not an appropriate title for a garden post but it is fact that some had a date in my backyard and others had their dinner there as well.

As for the dinner: I am glad I had posted the pic of my beautiful Dahlia already because meanwhile they turned into a feast for the slugs.


Planned to be a summer arrangement in a pot but turned into a well-laid table.

Like every year I am kind of stuck with those slugs, because I can’t find a proper manner to deal with them. I received already good advice like putting out beer – doesn’t work because I have dogs – or to kill them with salt, which I can’t because I am a wimp – and I think that will kill the plant, too.

Then, one night, it looks like all my slug problems fell apart as we woke up by heavy moaning sounds that came from our very garden and could observe two hedgehogs obviously having a date. I thought, great, that will solve my slug problem. After making out the two of them will be very hungry…

It turned out they didn’t. Maybe they were too tired or on a diet or already had dinner. Most likely they are too spoiled by the neighbourhood, because a lot of cats live around here and plates with cat food can be found in every backyard – except ours. We only have slugs. That’s probably like having the choice between a steak and a slimy carrot. Civilization corrupts everything even hedgehogs. They kept us awake for an hour or so and didn’t do anything for us.

Well, the slugs turned over to the basil as well, which is not only annoying but disgusting. Plus I just planted an indian canna in a pot and read afterwards – a typical mistake of mine, first putting out plants and then catch up about their needs – they are very popular among slugs because of their tasty leaves…

I am going to make some pics of the canna soon, sigh.


About… movies, quotes and holiday.

Our this year spring break was like quoting famous movies.

First of all when arriving at our destination, a small village at the french Cévennes, we were positively surprised about the charm of the place itself and our accommodation. Taking a first stroll through the streets in a – still chilly – mistral, which accompanied us for a couple of days, we felt like ended up in the leftover movie set of “Chocolat”. It totally had the atmosphere of the film.

Brouzet-Les-Alès on a quite saturday evening. Not one person on the street. Not even Johnny Depp, although the name of the only bar/restaurant was kind of suspicious – and our second quote.


But our third quote was the most exiting of all. Remember the movie “A Good Year” starring Russel Crowe as a broker who inherits a Provençal Chateau? Kind of a running gag in the movie is that everybody who stays overnight for the first time has a scary morning moment, finding scorpions in his bedroom. We’ve been in South of France several times and had seen occasionally a snake, but never ever a scorpion. Until now. As I grabbed my laptop bag a tiny scorpion was sitting on it which in the first place I accidentally took for an odd spider. But having a closer look, it wasn’t. I catched it with a glass and forced it to make a photo session before I released it outside.

The little guy was probably quite upset about my rude behaviour because a few days later we found a bigger one on the way to our bedroom. Kind of like he had sent his bigger brother for payback. We catched that one, too, and put it outside. Nevertheless, scorpions in South France aren’t very dangerous. They hardly get bigger than 10 cm and their sting is no more toxic than from a bee. So guys in movies totally overreact. Russel Crowe, a Drama Queen…

That Time Of Year

It’s starting all over again. Mid April, time to start the yard time, again. Still I am a beginner when it comes to gardening and will probably stay so, for the rest of my life. But that’s o.k. because I don’t take it too serious and put fun in front of output and accuracy.

First of all I painted the one and only deck chair we have so far. Last year it was kind of powder blue, this year I covered it in azure.


Looks very much greek.

Then the usual procedure as every year of replacing plants that didn’t make it through winter. Which in my case is always rosemary. I don’t get it, everyone tells you they are easy to handle, but I manage to kill mine at the end of every freeze. That is odd. I get it over winter but the moment the sun is getting warmer again, it dries out. No matter how much I water it, whether I cover it or not, after the first warm days in the sun the branches shrivel. Whatever. I decided to let nature take its course and get a new plant – together with oregano. My three lavender are still in good shape.


That’s the proof, my last year lavender looks fine, all of them.

And because I discovered tarragon as my new favourite spice herb I also bought one (actually two) of those. It probably is because in Germany you get mainly russian tarragon and in Valais the french one, which have a more intense flavour, that I like it so much.


French Tarragon freshly potted by moi.

Besides the plant shopping I also got some new garden tools and discovered a whole new world out there. Don’t take me for a moron but I never realized that you can buy garden tools specially made for women, sorry, ladies. I had to be in need for a spade to made this find.


No one told me that before.

My new spade…


Isn’t it cute.

garden shears for small hands…


Still wrapped.

and I definitely had to get a pair of those.


Old vs new, guess who’ll win.

Now I just have to start the job…

About… movies

A couple of days ago I watched “To Rome With Love”, as you might know, a Woody Allen movie. I didn’t like it at all. I was already kind of annoyed by “Vicky, Christina, Barcelona” but what saved that movie for me was the performance of the trio Cruz – Bardem – Johansson.

Although I like anthology films very much, this one was a pain… If it weren’t for the appearance of Roberto Benigni I wouldn’t have watch it to the end. His story of being paparazzied was the only one enjoyable. It is kind of astonishing that a very good director and a bunch of remarkable actors turn out to such a boring movie. Remember anyone “Night On Earth”? That was a good one. Or “Paris, je t’aime”, a bit crowded but still good. And not to forget “The Hours”.

So, watching “To Rome…” I had a lot of time to let my mind wonder about why there are so little good movies coming out? And is it really like that? Or do we just getting more crabby, over saturated and for that hard to please? I don’t know, if it’s me or the others. But I am kind of bored with a lot of movies, specially those from hollywood. Don’t get me wrong. I am kind of a movie nerd on one side and not so on the other. I don’t look for the ultimate intellectual or artistic response in every movie I watch. I also like to watch movies just to be entertained. They don’t need to have a deep meaning or a sudden twist to be good for me. But does really every movie needs a sequel, e.g.? I would not be surprised if Casablanca, what happened next, or Titanic II would come out next year. I think “The Godfather” is responsable for that phenomena. That was one of the first who entailed sequels.

There you go, it is all Francis Ford Coppola’s fault.

At least he has a daughter who made a pretty good movie that reconciled me with hollywood movies – “Lost in Translation”.

So, here is something good.