Happy Birthday, Angie!

German chancellor Angela Merkel is having her 60th Birthday today. Congratulations! And although I never voted for her, simply because she stands for the wrong party (CDU), I have  to admit, she is doing a good job. And she appears to be a nice person, too.

So, here are two links of the two probably most influential woman’s magazines in Germany (which by the way could not be more opposed) in occasion of this day.

EMMA and Brigitte

All for the dogs…

I always thought about getting my dogs a cake. And having sage ogre princess’ birthday coming up gave me a good reason.

But searching “dog birthday cake” or “Hundegeburtstagskuchen” showed the disadvantage of the WWW for a person like me. The web is full of pros and I am an amateur.

I hardly cook and I never bake. O.K. Once I bought a package of ready-to-go-muffin-mix, because… I don’t know what I was thinking at that time. Anyway, this experience left me with a cupcake baking mold, which I had purchased together with the muffin-mix and so I could convince my husband to make some dog suitable meatball-cupcakes. (Btw I never get the difference between a muffin and a cupcake.)

Because I’ve seen some pictures and recipes, I described to him very detailed what he would have to do, despite my total lack of knowledge how to make a meatball at all (the very thought of massaging raw meat with my hands – Yuck!).  And because he is a skilled cook he managed the challenge anyway.


We took the paper off, before they gobbled them down without even admiring the decoration.

About… movies

A couple of days ago I watched “To Rome With Love”, as you might know, a Woody Allen movie. I didn’t like it at all. I was already kind of annoyed by “Vicky, Christina, Barcelona” but what saved that movie for me was the performance of the trio Cruz – Bardem – Johansson.

Although I like anthology films very much, this one was a pain… If it weren’t for the appearance of Roberto Benigni I wouldn’t have watch it to the end. His story of being paparazzied was the only one enjoyable. It is kind of astonishing that a very good director and a bunch of remarkable actors turn out to such a boring movie. Remember anyone “Night On Earth”? That was a good one. Or “Paris, je t’aime”, a bit crowded but still good. And not to forget “The Hours”.

So, watching “To Rome…” I had a lot of time to let my mind wonder about why there are so little good movies coming out? And is it really like that? Or do we just getting more crabby, over saturated and for that hard to please? I don’t know, if it’s me or the others. But I am kind of bored with a lot of movies, specially those from hollywood. Don’t get me wrong. I am kind of a movie nerd on one side and not so on the other. I don’t look for the ultimate intellectual or artistic response in every movie I watch. I also like to watch movies just to be entertained. They don’t need to have a deep meaning or a sudden twist to be good for me. But does really every movie needs a sequel, e.g.? I would not be surprised if Casablanca, what happened next, or Titanic II would come out next year. I think “The Godfather” is responsable for that phenomena. That was one of the first who entailed sequels.

There you go, it is all Francis Ford Coppola’s fault.

At least he has a daughter who made a pretty good movie that reconciled me with hollywood movies – “Lost in Translation”.

So, here is something good.

Culture of Valais IX

After my post about traditional cowfight in Valais that covered the special cow race vache d’hérens I introduce two other cloven-hoofed animals of Valais.

Voilà the Valais black nose sheep (Walliser Schwarznasenschaf) and the Valais black neck goat (Walliser Schwarzhalsziege).


Aren’t they cuties! And you can tell exactly who is who.

Here they watched very close the performance little ogre princess was giving outside the fence. She showed them her version of turbo dog which cannot be catched on film, because it is just too fast.


The goats tried to talk the sheep into ignoring that little dog outside, who clearly must have gone mad…


but the sheep still couldn’t take their eyes off that little speedy.


So the goats decided to turn their backs on the scene and mind their one business.


Not few people in Valais are having this kind of sheep or goats (or both of them) as a hobby, to preserve tradition. Well, when your colleague gives you monday at lunch the story of how he/she was collecting her sheep during the weekend, who escaped their summer meadows in the mountains, you know you live in a rural community.