Stuff that makes me feel lost

Again I discovered things that make me baffle and kind of … I don’t know… confused. So many questions. And it is on fashion again… Anyway. To make it short. On the www I discovered an item called “Original Haackensack Wimpernlöffel“. It is a lash styler. I am kind of retarded when it comes to beauty culture, so I can frankly admit I didn’t know things like that even exist; and I am still not sure, if it is good or useless stuff. It is like one of these things you see on shopping channels first. But not every of these items are crap. Some of them succeed in the real market place, outside teleshopping, like flexi bar.

Well, here is the video how to use the Haackensack Wimpernlöffel. By the way, they offer on their website, that everyone who buys a lash styler and send them a video of oneself how she/he uses the item, gets her/his money back. Offer ends October, 31; but I am not sure it is probably limited to Germany or parts of Europe. Have fun.



Makes me laughing every time I watch. I, for sure, are not going to send them a video.

On Fashion…

It is o.k. that my WordPress spam folder is overfilled with comments from a Michael Kors Outlet in the last days. I don’t mind sending them right to the bin. But a notice I had in my mail folder today really catched my attention and gives me occasion on another post I can label under fashion.

So, today I got notice from Mulberry to discover the new I don’t know how they get my address, I don’t own anything from that brand mainly because I’ve never shopped there and even if I had that much money to spend I doubt that I would do so. But I followed the link, just to have a small peep.

What should I say, again I learned something in a place I didn’t expect to… That’s the price I have to pay being a nosy person. I had seen before that models are just kind of human racks presenting us clothes – and in a good ad, making us wanting them. But I didn’t know that you can also use them as a human perch.

pic from

What do you think, are these birds real? If yes, it is an impressive example of well done animal training.

But the next picture is my favourite. Can you make a woman look more stupid?

pic from

Edit: I would love to write nice, non-sarcastic posts on fashion – and I tried so honestly, because I love fashion very much – but fashion itself is giving me a really hard time not to be sarcastic. And I can’t shut up either…

A bad face day

Man! One of those mornings I look into the mirror right after get out of bed and see Ozzy Osbourne. Definitely a bad face day. I think I should go and get some of that super-duper-anti-wrinkle-anti-aging-recoverage-facial-paste. But there are so many of them outside which one should I choose. I even had a free sample of a facial cream named anti-age global. Now what does that stands for? It prevents my face from aging all over the globe? It prevents the aging as a side effect that comes with global warming? It was crap anyway so I actually don’t have to think about it any more. Oh and, speaking of getting free samples – those clerks who work in perfumeries are one of the meanest of all kinds. Every time I shop in one of these stores with my husband they dropped their free samples in our bag. Guess what. The latest men perfumes for him and a good deal of anti-aging-product samples for me. I actually don’t have a problem with my age, but there is no need to push it anyway. And why is everybody so fond of Clinique products? I am getting a rash from using them but I am always getting those promoted when shopping. Plus, giving them information that I prefer natural/organic cosmetic (which isn’t quite true, actually I prefer cosmetic that is not tested on animals but this often ends up in the corner of natural/organic products) let them give me this and-I-considered-you-as-a-serious-client-look. Know what? This als sums up to online cosmetic shopping. There you go perfumery clerks.

Hey, I think this is going to be a post I can file under fashion.

Well, to feel better I just looked up 10 makeup mistakes that make you look older than you are on Here is my crop:

  • One point I am not sure whether I do it right or wrong.
  • Three points I don’t do at all (neither right nor wrong).
  • Five points I am doing wrong!
  • And one point I am doing right…

The only thing I am doing right is not to finish with powder. That’s devastating. And I thought Oprah always makes you feel better – or was that Dr. Phil? What is Dr. Phil doing now since Oprah Show doesn’t exist any more? I guess this questions are revealing that it is quite a while since I lived in the States. And even back then I had to ask who Dr. Phil is. Everybody was talking about him and I didn’t have the faintest idea. Then one afternoon a friend invited me to watch Oprah and Dr. Phil to reduce my cluelessness. I was kind of deranged for a couple of days after (never seen such a hysterical audience before) but thenceforth I could nod if someone mentioned Dr. Phil.

Now, let’s get back to my face.

Since I had this post in the draft for a couple of days I had overcome my bad moods. It helped that I don’t see Ozzy every morning in my mirror. Just on this bad face days. And I discovered an article in german weekly paper Die Zeit featuring emerald-green as the must have colour 2013. I didn’t even know that something like this exists, but a company called Pantone are announcing it every year. And I thought Lagerfeld and his syndicate friends are making a shot in the dark every year and everybody else follows them. Anyway here is my new bag…


Works perfect with my bon ton.


It is more blueish in the picture than in reality so I think it counts as part of the palette of emerald-green. I swear I bought it before I read that article. Makes me a this seasons trend person.

I needed socks

During vacation I discovered that I had literally no pair of socks without a hole big enough to show at least one of my toes. The reason therefore is simple. My ogre princess loves to play tug-of-war with them in the evening. It’s her last play before she goes to sleep (either that or chewing a bone) and because I’m a lazy person letting my socks ly around the house she has a lot of material. She even steals them out of the laundry – before they’ve been washed, of course. Summertime is hard for her because of the lack of socks.

Since I own this dog I am really docile against hole in socks. As long as the toes are not able to get through I tolerate them. It has positive effects. For example it prevents me from buying shoes spontaneous and inconsiderate because I never can be sure to wear appropriate socks and therefore rather not take my shoes off. Now had the time come that most of my socks are waste and I went shopping. I was looking for some nice socks with a certain attitude but either I don’t like the pattern/colouring or I didn’t want to spent the money on something that ends up as described above. So I settled for the pragmatical solution and went with two 5-packs of socks, one in grey and one in camel. And because this are two of this seasons must-have colours I’m going to categories this post under fashion.