Illustrating Words


Whipped Cream – Crème Chantilly – Schlagsahne

The minute I open the cap, they are right in the kitchen, waiting for their share. They can be so well-mannered, it is unbelievable. Just a few days before that picture was taken, the little monster on the right side, once again, left me in the field to investigate a badger set. Ergo, no whipped cream – no manners.

Illustrating words


Singing Frogs

This shows one of the first pictures I took in our new environment. It had rain without end and walking the dogs in the woods we found frog spawn in nearly every puddle.

Well, the rain stopped (occasionally) and the temperatures turned mild, so every evening I put myself asleep, every wakeful moment at night and every wake up in the morning I can listen to the frogs chanting in the nearby woods. I really like that.