Where have all the cosmopolitans gone?

No. This is no post about me drinking too much last night and now having a hangover. Sorry.

Maybe some remember last century’s 80’s/90’s and the mood some guys had back then, speaking for themselves as cosmopolitan – or as you might say in my mother language “Weltbürger”. In conversations they made remarks like “I am original of backwater but actually I am a cosmopolitan. I can live everywhere and everywhere is my home.” No one is claiming himself a cosmopolitan anymore nor does anyone mention to have met one. It seems like indeed everything that is left from all those cosmopolitans is a fashion magazine and a cocktail – and both already existed long before the 80’s took place.

What happened to all of them? Are they distinct? Have they’ve been assimilated by globalisation? Did they entered outer space because the earth is getting smaller and smaller – and even places like Mount Everest and the Mongolian steppe is overran by tourist?

With all these questions bothering me and by searching the net for cosmopolitans, I at least learned something about baroque composer Georg Muffat, who was  entitled as cosmopolitan among the musicians of his time.

I have Gartenzwerg – almost.

The buddha statue is the new “Gartenzwerg der Deutschen” claimed german columnist Harald Martenstein in one of his articles last month. And I can say, yes, he’s true. Although I don’t live in Germany any more, I have a buddha statue in my backyard.

I didn’t own a Gartenzwerg – never. Well, maybe as a child, because growing up in a schwäbisch family we had plenty of them in our garden. I can for sure remember one on a swing but there were quite more, along with a Bambi and a red-hooded mushroom, I guess.

So according to Mr. Martenstein I totally fulfill the cliché. Oh and by the way. I am german and I like cabbage – haha, got it?


I admit I am a little miffed. Not because again and again Germans are nagging on other Germans for their oh-so-german-habits (that’s a kind of sport in my heimat), but because I love my buddha statue. Its my buddha. For example I wonder if it is a male or a female buddha. Are there female buddha statues? I don’t know. I can do research (means googling)… well maybe later.

As you can see in the picture mine has a small breast, so it could be a female buddha. My buddha changes in expression. Its smile varies. Sometimes it looks more relaxed the other day more happy. And once I watched it through the window while she/he was sitting in heavy rain, I had the impression it lost its smile. In the picture above I see a very musing smile.

I put my buddha inside during winter. The garden center I got it from said that this wouldn’t be necessary, but I don’t want to risk frost damage. So it is sitting in the hall upstairs in a small corner. Maybe next winter I let it outside a little longer because I would love to have a picture of my buddha in the snow.