Illustrating Words


No, this picture shows is neither “sunbathing” nor “lazy old dog”. It shows heated floor!

Yes, we moved and the new house has a floor heating system. Greek stray dog is amazed. Now he can ly literally everywhere on the ground, stretched out flat, as a perfect tripping point.

We swapped cosy Valais for France. For cosy Sundgau to be more precise. So far there are a lot of storks around and it started raining about – I don’t know – a week ago and didn’t stopped. So, guess what I have to go shopping for. I am going to illustrate it in my next picture…

WPC: Wall


Barrage Grande Dixence in Valais. According to wiki it is the third largest dam in the world. The locals like to inform non-natives, that if it ever collapse, whole Valais will be flooded up to Lac Léman. What a place to put up a hotel! It gives a bit the impression of the Overlook Hotel… but don’t worry it has only 72 rooms.